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5 Unique Things Done by the Padang Society till Now Siti Nurbaya Festival. (PHOTO: Antara)

TIMESMATARAM, PADANGPadang is a big city in West Sumatera which still uphold the Unique local traditional custom and culture. Here are 5 traditions that they still held till now.

1.    Makan Bajamba (eat in a circle)

You will need to sit on the floor to do this, and you will use bare hand to eat. So, make sure before you eat you have wash your hand. The society usually will provide a bowl of water which they called as 'kobokan'. Follow the tradition, men will cross their feet and women will fold them while they eating.

2.    Batagak Kudo-Kudo (putting the first pile of the house)

People will do some party when they put the cornerstone, but for Padang society they will invite all the family and neighbour to come and celebrate the time of putting the first pile of the house. On this occasion the guests will bring some present for the host.

3.    Balimau (Take a bath with Lime)

This tradition will be held during the moslem fasting month, Ramadhan. They will wash them self and scrub their.body with lime. The lime was believed as the best venue to solve the oily skin and remove the dust which attached on our body.

4.    Pacu Jawi (Cow Race)

Pacu Jawi almost similar to Karapan Sapi in Madura. This race will be held in a muddy field. All the riders need to bite the cow tail to make the cow run faster.on the race.

5.    Pesta Tabuik

Tabuik is the local manifestation of the Remembrance of Muharram among the Minangkabau people in the coastal regions of West Sumatra, Indonesia, particularly in the city of Pariaman.

Unique isn't it? So what do you think, do you want to visit Padang after this?

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