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5 Recommended Coffee Shop in Majalengka Cafe Oaks at Jalan Ahmad Yani, East Majalengka, Majalengka,West Java. (Photo: Jaja Sumarja/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMATARAM, MAJALENGKAMajalengka is a small city somewhere in West Java. This place might be underrated for no much people knows about the city. However, this place secretly has turned into a beautiful butterfly and has lots of coffee shop growing.

These are 5 recommended coffee shop in Majalengka for you.

1. Kedai Kopi Roakrak (Roakrak coffee shop)

The coffee shop which has a classic touch with a bit of modernity ambience has a good barista that will be ready to brew our coffee. This coffee shop also served all local coffee you could taste. They also have a free WiFi. Night is the best time to enjoy all the ambience of the coffee shop.

2. Cafe Oaks (Oaks Cafe)

Cafe Oaks could be said as the biggest coffee shop in Majalengka. This place is located near to the Kertajati International Airport in Majalengka, East Java.

3. Cafe Kopi Apik (Finest Coffee Cafe)

You could visit this coffee shop for the finest taste of coffee. The place also designed as comfortable as it could. This place a perfect place to spend your night after work.

4. Cafe Kedai Artha

Cafe Kedai Artha is also perfect place to hang out. This place has a simple interior yet so comfortable. The process is quite affordable and closed to the Pasar Mambo Majalengka.

5. Cafe Double-d

Located at Jalan Gerakan Koprasi-Majalengka, Cafe Double-d is also one recommended coffee shop in Majalengka that worth the visit. The taste of the coffee and the unique ambience will make you feel even more comfortable spending your time at the coffee shop. (*)

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