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Duck Soup for the Soul by Ny Suwarni Restaurant Klaten The Duck Soup of Ny. Suwarni Restaurant, Klaten.

TIMESMATARAM, KLATEN – Soup has became a common dish for Indonesian. Normally, the Indonesian will make their soup of chicken or beef. But, in Ny Suwarni Restaurant Klaten, the chef served their customers with duck soup (Soto Bebek).

Located in Jogja-Solo highway area, Karanglo village, Karangdukuh, Jogonalan, Klaten, Ny. Suwarni restaurant is a perfect place to rest your body from a long travel or journey.


The duck soup served by this restaurant will awaken your sleepy soul. The soup tasted so fresh once you sipped it. The duck tasted so tender and perfect with the little vegetables put with it.

Beside the duck soup, you could also have sweet fried duck along with special local spicy sauce which has an exotic taste. Some people would think twice to have some duck on their plate, but you would never say no to Ny Suwarni's duck.


"We used to take a huge number of guests which come along together in a group. And we also have some hall for them that they could use for their dining," Christin, an employee of the restaurant said on Wednesday (12/2/2020).

In another hand, all the menu at this place has a very affordable price. The price range from IDR 7 K (for the duck soup (Soto Bebek) and around IDR 33 K (for the fried duck or chicken). Ny Suwarni Restaurant of Klaten also set a package for group that you could enjoy together with your friends and families. (*)

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