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Visit These 4 Recommended Coffee Shops in Taliabu Muhaimin the Owners of Mhata Haya Coffee Shop

TIMESMATARAM, PULAU TALIABU – Coffee has become Indonesian lifestyle. Lots of coffee shop spread around the country including those in Taliabu Island. Here are 4 recommended coffee shop in Taliabu for you.

1. Maluku Coffee Shop

This coffee shop served best variant of local coffee such as the Sumatran, Torajan, Flores, Bali and Buton. The coffee will be made by a beautiful barista with her magical hand.

2. Mhata Haya Coffee Shop

This coffee shop served an exotic local coffee called as Caffee Bir. It's a mix between black coffee and juice. The shop also served Brazilian coffee and get the grain directly from Brazil.

3.  Liang Haya Coffee Shop 

This place not only served special coffee but also pampered their customers with a reading corner with hundreds of book collection. You could enjoy your coffee while reading the book.

4.  Butas Coffee Shop 

Black coffee with special taste made by the owner of the coffee shop has become the most popular menu at this cafe. Soni the owner of Butas Coffee Shop Taliabu learned to be a barista from his friend and choose to serve the coffee by himself.

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